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plan a: in-person

We are planning for an in-person season, however given the current environment, we will be limiting class sizes and abiding by state and federal safety guidelines. We will continue with the currently implemented health and safety procedures and precautions to be able to offer the safest environment for our students, staff and families. 

Safety protocols include, 

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    • Any student or staff member that has flu-like symptoms will be asked to stay home. ​

  • Face Coverings​

    • Face coverings are encouraged for dancers when outside of the studio. Staff members will be wearing masks at all times, both inside and outside of the studio.​

  • Limited Studio Capacity ​

    • We have scheduled our season to ensure we are within the local regulations. This will allow our dancers the optimal amount of space to continue practicing social distancing. 

  • Studio Cleanliness​

    • We have scheduled our season to ensure time for proper cleaning between classes. ​

  • Cashless​

    • UDP will only be accepting credit card payments. We have invested in an updated payment system for the upcoming season to better fit this new requirement. ​

PLan b: combination training 

We understand that some dancers and families may not yet feel comfortable attending in person classes. In order to best serve all Company Members, all of our in-person classes will have a virtual option. This will allow our dancers to take class from home when needed. 

PLan C: virtual training 

If in-person classes are unable to be held, or suspended at any time for any reason, dancers and families may choose to, 

  • Continue classes virtually

  • End the season early (Understanding that by choosing this option, the dancer will no longer be eligible to continue training virtually, or return to the season at a later date should circumstances change.) 

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